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Modern Data warehouse comprised of multiple programs impervious to User. BeboIn persistence encourages the most suitable data storage technology based on data. This “best-fit engineering” aligns multi-structure data into data lakes and considers NoSQL solutions for JSON formats. Pursuing a BeboIn persistence dat strategy benefits from virtualization and takes advantage of the different infrastructure. Modern DW requires Petabytes of storage and more optimized techniques to run complex analytic queries. The traditional methods are relatively less efficient and not cost-effective to fit into the modern day Data Warehousing needs. There are tons of Cloud solutions to build data warehouses performance optimized, inexpensive, and support parallel query execution.

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The opportunities of Big Data and Advanced analytics are a big challenge. The most sophisticated traditional Data Warehouse changing to meet the requirements of the Modern Data Enterprise. Increase in volume expected to continue. Business velocity continues to change business operations and customer interactions. Data becomes even more diverse and more available than ever before. Big Data means a big impact on business. To dig into the immense new opportunities of Big Data, the Modern enterprise needs a modern data platform.

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